Native American Flutes

These are my first two Native American Flutes.  The top flute, with the dragon fetish and Celtic knots burned on the sides, is obviously a kluge of cultures. I apologize in advanced if I offend any Native Americans with it, but my older daughter suggested the dragon motif and I could not stop myself before the Celtic knots snuck in. It is definitely MY flute. Thanks go to Roy Peters , of Story Teller Flutes, for the Ben Hunt pattern/instructions and final guidance to reduce the 'wind' noise in the tone. Roy, I have begun to play my heart... that still doesn't mean others want to hear it ;-).

The second flute was made from measurements given to me by Tom Lesson.  Tom I knew as a woodcarver for years.  When he saw my first flute at a show I find out he's cherokee and also carves flutes.  Tom gets blamed for teaching me to do a loon call.  Not sure if I can call loons, but I got a lot of bird carvers to my booth that weekend.