Chainsaw Artist Bear
It's amazing what a little wood, paint, and a twisted imagination will do.  This is inspired a little by Pete Ortel's Davenport Best-of-Show Winner "Love" where the life-size sculpture comes to life and she blows it's creator a kiss.  It's inspired a little by Carl Borst's Chip Chats pattern "My first Chainsaw Carving" (a chainsaw).  The 'victim' is inspired a lot by all the wonderful John Raucci caricatures.  I didn't realize I had a photographic memory, but they're pictures of his stuff.   And finally, it was triggered by a drive up to Old Forge where I was thinking to myself, "If I see one more chainsaw carved bear...". Told you it was a twisted imagination. I hope the talented chainsaw carvers will see the humor in this, but if I ever hear a Stihl or Huskavarna crank up at my next carving show I'm bookin' for the nearest exit! 

At the 2001 MVAWA show this squeaked out a 2nd place between a 1st and 3rd by the newest CCA member Dennis Thornton.  Them's braggin' rights.  Then at the second day of the show it received the CCA Award for "doing the most to promote caricature carving as an art form" at that show.  You have to read that as "doing the most" AFTER all of the pieces by CCA members and show members there who have won the award in previous years.